Our Infrastructure

Ever since establishing our business foothold in the nation’s key strategic industries in 1986, our growth has been exponential despite several economic crises and recessions. Today, we have over120 branches spread over India and produce state-of-the-art implements including Wheat Threshers, Rotavators, Multicrop Threshers, Maize Shellers, Maize Threshers, Paddy Threshers, Cultivators, Harrows, Potato Planters, MB Ploughs, Straw Reapers, Zero Till & Levellers etc. We pride ourselves on achieving cumulative production that exceeds 12000 implements every year.

Our infrastructure:

  • Plant spread over 15 Acers of land at  District of Uttar Pradesh
  • We also have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that crafts our agriculture implements with bespoke innovation and excellent quality to make our farmers and our business partners prosper.
  • Automatic conveyor Line with a capacity of annual production 30,000
  •  Rotavators in a single sift which can extend to 90000 nos in years.
  • Powder Coating Paint shop and shot blast machine to increase life product and improve the aesthetic look of the product with quality and cost-effective experience to our channel partners and our farmers.
  • Machine Shop with high-tech machines like CNC, VMC, Plasma, Mig Welding

Hydraulic press, and Bending machine.

  • Fabrication shop with highly skilled manpower like welders, fitters etc
  • For ensuring to deliver efficient and impeccable equipment that fosters and solves the everyday problems of farmers related to productivity.

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